Zama Jiu-jitsu Training (English page)

Please come directly to budo-jyo (judo room)

We practice Brazillian Jiu-jitsu in Judo room in a public gymnasium called Sky Arena Zama (map) located in Zama City, Kanagawa, Japan on most Sundays, 6pm to 9pm. Sky Arena Zama is 7 minutes walk from Sobudai-mae station on Odakyu line. There are many free parking lots attached to Sky Arena Zama. Zama city is near Sagamihara, Machida, Yamato, Yokohama, Ayase and Atsugi.

Please check the schedule in advance on the same day before joining our training.


Join our training!!

Our training itself is free of charge but you have to pay 300 yen for the share of the room fee for using the judo room. Please come directly to the judo room and put 300 yen into our box. When you have arrived Sky Arena Zama, go directly to the second floor. When you face a fitness gym, please take off your shoes and put the shoes into a shoes box. There is a locker room/shower room on the right. When you walk on an aisle from the left side of the shoes boxes, you will see the judo room. When you reach the judo room, please say Hi! to our members. If there are no members yet, please do some exercises by yourself until one of our members arrives. Please bring your jiu-jitsu gi or judo gi, a towel, and some beverages or water. Novice members are welcomed. If you have any questions, please visit us and ask us questions directly.

We are just a group of individuals. Please take care of your health and body by yourself. When you are hurt, you have to go to the clinics at your own expense/insurance. There are many novice members. Please stop your submission techniques before hurting your opponent regardless of whether there was a tap/give up or not. Please tap or give up when your opponent’s submission technique is effective.




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